Fringed Tulips Crystal Beauty

Lacy red petals.

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Red fringed tulip. Very charming. Flowers mid season.

Extravagant petals, these flowers have all the frills! Fringed Tulips are unusual tulips and will create wonderful displays in your garden. Their unique shape creates beautiful texture in the garden.

The Tulip is truly an extraordinary flower. With a past steeped in romance it has been a muse for art, poetry and passion. The Tulip has obsessed nations taking flower power to the extreme. It is known as the Queen of Bulbs.

Tulips look best en masse. Their intense colouring can be used to create platforms of colour through your beds and borders. The large range means there is one to suit every garden style or pallet.

Tulips have a bit of a Prima Donna reputation. And while they are a little bit of extra work than many bulbs, they put on an amazing show.

If you are lucky enough to live where the weather is warm you will need to chill your bulbs. To do this place them in a paper bag, egg carton or similar breathable containment, then pop them into the crisper (don’t confuse them with onions!) and leave them for a 4-6 weeks (for Tulips some say up to 8 weeks but it is a long time taking up valuable fridge space so just do your best). Chilling your Tulips brings their flowering time forward and converts the carbohydrates to sugars stimulating growth in the bulb. If you live in an area that gets at least two frosts a year you do not need to refrigerate your Tulip bulbs.

During this time you can prepare the soil for their arrival by adding some delicious organic matter. Tulips need good drainage and at least six hours sun a day to flower at their best. Plant 15-20cm deep with the pointed end up. Space 10-20cm apart, closer for a bigger show. An easy way to remember when to plant your Tulips is Mother’s Day, as the soil has cooled sufficiently by this time.

In most areas it is recommended you dig your Tulip bulbs once their foliage has browned. If you live in an area with frost, the soil is shaded or mulched through summer and the ground does not become soggy during their dormant period you do not need to lift your Tulip bulbs. In every other case it is recommended.



Botantical name

Tulipa x hybrida








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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