Raspberries Chilcotin

Long fruiting with high yields.

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Raspberry ‘Chilcotin’ is a well known Raspberry for its reliably high yields and long fruiting time. You can expect around four weeks of picking in summer (December) and maybe a bonus, second, smaller harvest in autumn (March) if conditions are good.

Plant Raspberry Chilcotin to grow on a trellis. It needs this support for its tall canes. A couple of posts with a line strung between will suffice, but you can be as fancy as you like! Tie the stems loosely the line so they are not damaged by wind, and sit off the ground. In winter, prune out the weak, damaged canes to make way for healthy new growth. Around ten stems per plant is ideal.

Raspberry ‘Chilcotin’ has excellent disease resistance and vigorous growth.

Raspberries grow well in cool climates and are pretty easy care and the plants produce reliably for many years.

Plant Raspberries in full sun. A humus rich, well drained soil is ideal. Space 150-180cm apart. Plant the cane quite shallow, around 10cm deep. Water in and keep moist when in flower and fruit. Add some mulch to help with water retention and weed reduction.



Botantical name

Rubus idaeus x Rubus hybrids








Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Bare rooted

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