Dianthus Superb

Easy care with plenty of flowers.

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Dianthus ‘Superba’ is easy care and low maintenance and very suitable for rockeries, garden edges and pots. The ethereal flowers open on slender stems and last well. The blooms have a nice, if soft fragrance and make a nice choice in the vase. Each bloom is up to 6cm across.
Dianthus are renown for their extensive flowering season ease of care and durability. Plant Dianthus Superb in beds, along pathways, underneath roses, in pots or rockeries. Dianthus has a lovely cottage feel. The mounding foliage is tidy and forms dense, green clumps.

Dianthus Superb grows best in moderately fertile to humus rich, well drained soil. Plant in beds and borders, rock gardens or pots. Plant in full sun, in warmer climates it is a good idea to protect them from hot afternoon sun. Water in well, then once established they are dry tolerant.

Regular cutting of flowers promotes healthy growth and perennial propensities. Add plenty of fertiliser during the flowering season for best blooms. Cut back to half in autumn, after the flowering has finished.

The botanical name Dianthus is from the Greek; Dios for god and anthos for flower, God’s Flower, and they were dedicated to Aphrodite.



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Dianthus superbus






Spring to Summer


Cool to Temperate


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Full Sun to Semi Shade

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