Dutch Crocus Collection

Dutch Crocus Collection

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Delicate, early season flowers.

Dutch Crocus Collection. Receive 5 of each variety, separately labelled. Includes; Pickwick, Remembrance, Jean D'Arc and Mammoth.

Dutch Crocus have the largest flowers of the Crocus, and tend to bloom just after the species. The blooms look wonderful in pots or rockery gardens. You could also try them naturalised in grass. The bees love the flowers.

Flowers late winter to early spring. 8-10cm H x 5cm W.

Dutch Crocus (Crocus)

A well drained, sunny or lightly shaded position is best. Dutch Crocus prefer cool soils and are therefore best grown in areas with cool to cold winters. Dutch Crocus can be grown in areas with milder winters provided they are planted in a cool position with a southerly aspect or in pots.
A moderately rich soil is sufficient and this should be dug deeply to ensure good drainage. We
recommend working some well rotted animal manure or other organic matter through the soil a few weeks before planting. Of course if you miss the window, adding it to the top of the soil at the time of planting will suffice.

Time of Planting:
April to May. Plant 7-10cm deep and space 5-10cm apart. In areas with milder winters, plant the
bulbs at least 12cm deep to keep them cooler. Plants grow 8-10cm H x 5cm W.

General Care:
Pests and diseases are rarely a problem. Dutch Crocus like a reasonably moist soil during the growing season but resent being waterlogged. When left in the ground, top dress lightly in autumn and spring.

Digging & Storing:
In cool climates, and where the bulbs are shaded in summer, they can be left in the ground to naturalise. As required, all these bulbs can be dug after the foliage has died right down. Lift and replant immediately or store in a dry, airy position and replant the following autumn.

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Botantical name

Crocus vernus






Late winter to early spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness



Full Sun to Light Shade

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