Winter Rose Gold Collection Jacob Royal

Winter Rose Gold Collection Jacob Royal

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Large, bright white flowers on vigorous plants. An early flowering variety with plenty of staying power.
The Winter Rose Gold Collection are real show offs. Most Winter Rose flowers open amongst the leaves and can be somewhat hidden. Not these ones, the blooms open above the leaves. The flowers are outward to upward facing. The Gold Collection also boasts uniform and compact growth. The flowers open earlier than other Hellebores, and last a little longer.

The Winter Rose Gold Collection is vegetatively cultivated so you guaranteed quality plants as each is genetically equal. These amazing Winter Roses are the result of years of intensive breeding. They are suitable for both container and garden planting.

Winter Roses have a long lasting floral display, from winter to spring. They are ideal for filling the shady spots in your garden. They have handsome, evergreen foliage and pretty blooms.

Winter Roses, or Hellebores are durable and versatile in the garden. They grow best beneath deciduous trees, in filtered light or part shade (they don't tend to flower as well in heavy shade). You can also plant Winter Rose in beds sheltered from hot afternoon sun or in pots. If you grow them in containers they will need a bit of extra care as their water and nutrients are limited.

Try picking and floating the blooms of Winter Rose in a shallow glass dish for a sophisticated centre piece that will bring colour inside for the winter months. The stems can also be picked for vases. Dip them in boiling water after picking to prolong their life.

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Botantical name

Helleborus niger






Witner to spring


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Semi Shade to Full Shade

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Water needs