Majorcan Winter Rose

Colour for all the seasons.

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The demure, green blooms with a soft pink blush open for at least four months of the year. Majorcan Hellebores have compact, leathery foliage with a colourful, silver pattern relief on each leaf. They are also known as ‘blue green hellebore’ or ‘purple hellebore’. While these names seem opposing, it is testament to how colourful this plant is. The foliage is a blend of all three colours, the leaves have a gorgeous, marbled pattern. I use these in floral arrangements as much as I use the flowers!

The flower stems bloom in profusion, stretching above the foliage, they face outward or droop slightly. They have a coppery mahogany hue that gradually fades with age.

The flowers, like all Hellebores, are simply beautiful. The blooms look wonderful and last for months on the plant. They can be picked for vases or floated on a bowl of water. If you would like them to last longer dip the stems in boiling water first to increase water absorption once in the vase.

Winter Roses have the advantage of appreciated a shady position they are extra special because they flower over the winter months all the way into spring and have evergreen foliage. They look fantastic as a feature plant, on mass in under plantings or in pots.

Their leaves will scorch if exposed to hot afternoon sun, so should be planted under deciduous trees or in areas with morning sun. If you are planting your Helleborus in a pot ensure it is kept moist and well fed.

If you interplant spring bulbs with Majorcan Winter Roses you can produce some magnificent colour combinations in your garden.

If planted in large hanging baskets or on retaining walls you will be able to appreciate the drooping flowers from below.

If the foliage is damaged by a hot summer and intensive sun cut this foliage back to ground level in autumn once the weather has cooled; it will be back with the flowers in winter.



Botantical name

Helleborus lividus






Winter to Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

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