Asian Fritillaria

Asian Fritillaria

A rare stunner.

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The narrow stems of foliage are topped with delicate pendent bells. The bells are cream with a green blush and deeper veins. The interior of the petals have an amazing maroon tessellation. This is undoubtedly an impressive plant to have in your collection.
Each bloom grows 2-3.5cm long and two to six flowers open on each established bulb. The blooms are followed by handsome seed heads.
The flowers of Asian Fritillaria (Fritillaria verticillata var. thunbergia) open mid to late spring, October-November.
The verticillate, or whorled foliage is thin and curls delicately at the tip. It is a lovely feature of the plant. These grey-green tendril like leaves will comfortably hold to a support.
Fritillaria bulbs grow best in moist, humus rich, well drained soil. They are endemic to the hills of central Asia where they thrive in scrub, amongst bamboo. It is shady and wet so climates with cool winters and moist springs are ideal. Fritillaria are lovely naturalised in the garden or rockery, ideally under deciduous trees. They are also delightful in pots.
Fritillaria verticillata var. thunbergia has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is known as 'bei mu' and it is prescribed for respiratory illnesses.

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Botantical name

Fritillaria verticillata var. thunbergii






Mid to Late Spring


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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