Daffodil Papillon Blanc

Daffodil Papillon Blanc

Fluttering flowers.

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A stunning bloom with white, overlapping petals. The split cup opens creamy yellow, fading to cream and then white as the bloom matures. Flowers open mid to late season.
Daffodil Papillon Blanc translates from French to White Butterfly.
Frivolous flamboyance, Butterfly Daffodils are elaborate flowers where the corona, or trumpet is split to form a ruffle. This ruffle makes the flower appear to be double. For this reason they are also known as Split Corona or Split Cup Daffodils. But we like the more romantic term, Butterfly Daffodils, and think they look fabulous fluttering in the spring breeze.
Butterfly Daffodils are easy, they like the simple things in life; plenty of sun and a well drained soil.
It is a good idea to prepare your soil by digging through some well rotted manure a few weeks prior to planting. This will improve drainage and add nutrients to the soil, giving your Butterfly Daffodils a good start.
Plant Butterfly Daffodil bulbs three times as deep as the bulb is high with the pointy end up. The depth will protect them from heat and soil erosion as well as providing strength for the stem. Space your Daffodils 10-20cm apart, more if you are leaving the bulbs in to naturalise.
Once the flowering has finished you can remove the flower stem. Allow the foliage to remain until it has yellowed. The Daffodil foliage gathers energy and nutrients at this time for next year's blooms. Keep relatively moist during this time, and add a little general purpose fertiliser. Daffodils like Potash and slow release fertiliser brands which are low in nitrogen (this means more flowers and less foliage).

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Botantical name

Narcissus x pseudonarcissus






Mid to late season


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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