Cool colour Tulips

Cool things down this spring with these tranquil shades. Choose a variety from this collection to create calm, relaxed feel to your garden design. Cool colours are also useful for making small spaces appear larger.

  • Tulip Belicia

    Be still my beating heart.

  • Fringed Tulips Cuban Night

    Dark and dramatic.

  • Parrot Tulip Black Parrot

    Black is back!

  • Tulip Candy Prince

    A prince among blooms.

  • Tulip Mata Hari

    A femme fatale.

  • Cool Coloured Tulips Collection

    Cool customers.

  • Tulip Brest

    Cutting edge blooms.

  • Tulip Black Jack

    Great for contrast.

  • Tulip Fringed Family

    A multi headed tulip with flair.

  • Tulip Synaeda Blue

    Pointed perfection.