Magniflora Tulips are the result of the continuously improved breeding of Darwin Hybrid Tulips. They are longer lasting, more weatherproof and heat proof flowers – perfect for our Australian environment. They have a graceful form, somehow less formal than other tulips; the stems are darker, almost purple, taller and sway beautifully in the breeze. In short they are garden worthy.

  • The Black Tulip Queen of the Night

    Tall, dark and handsome.

  • Magniflora Tulips All That Jazz

    New in 2020.

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    Magniflora Tulips Light and Dreamy

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  • Magniflora Tulips Candy Apple Delight

    Delightful garden tulips.

  • Magniflora Tulips Hot Honey Rag

    Exuberant colour.

  • Magniflora Tulips Collection

    The latest and greatest.

  • Magniflora Tulips Cherry Delight

    Whimsical and reliable.