Species Tulip

Species tulips offer a dazzling range of colours and forms. In the right conditions these robust bulbs will multiply at a steady rate. They are easy to naturalise in well drained soils – this means that you don’t have to lift them each year! Just ensure a bit of shade and not too much water over their dormancy.

  • Species Tulip Linifolia

    Dazzling colour.

  • Species Tulip Turkestan

    Spectacular species.

  • Species Tulip Cynthia

    Heirloom splendour.

  • Species Tulip Collection

    Garden whimsy.

  • Species Tulip Lady Tulip

    Fabulous colour.

  • Species Tulip Tinka

    Stunning colour and form.

  • Species Tulip Lilac Wonder

    A touch of wonder.