Bokassa Tulips

Bokassa Tulips are our premium range for potting. The flowers are a medium height with compact foliage that lends perfectly to container plantings.

Inn pots, adding annuals such as Pansies at the time of planting will provide you with a long and colourful display with the additional benefit of reminding you to water. Of course, Bokassa Tulips will perform equally as well in the garden.

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    Bokassa Tulip 'Red'

    Ravishing red.

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  • Bokassa Tulip 'Saigon'

    Perfectly purple.

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    Bokassa Tulip 'Rose'

    Rosy cheeks.

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    Bokassa Tulip 'White'

    Crisp white petals.

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  • Bokassa Tulip 'Gold'

    Go for gold.

  • Bokassa Tulip 'Blaze'

    Light my fire.

  • Tulip 'World's Favourite'

    One of our favourites.

  • Bokassa Tulips Collection

    The premium range for potting.

  • Bokassa Tulip 'Verandi'

    Orange brilliance.

  • Bokassa Tulip 'Babydoll'

    A beautiful, blended bloom.

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    BULK BUY Bokassa Tulip 'Red'

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

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