Ring in the spring with these quintessential spring bulbs. They are so easy to grow and give you such spectacular results.

New and Highlight Daffodils

Other Daffodils

Woodland Daffodils

Time honoured Daffodils with an easy going nature. Their ability to naturalise makes them valuable plants for growiung beneath deciduous trees, or incorporating into your garden scheme.

Pheasant Eye Daffodils

It is easy to fall in love with these flowers, they ooze charm! The swept back petals expose the small, dainty cups with a regal elegance that is hard to surpass. The fragrance too is refined and memorable.

Pink Daffodils

Highly decorative Daffodils with broad pale petals and eye catching coronas in shades from salmon to red. These showy Daffodils are stars in the garden.

Tesselaar Top 10

Daffodil breeders are always working hard to make small improvements and different variations in flowers. We, as gardeners have a lot to thank them for because they provide us with an almost endless variety of hardy beauties to enjoy.

Scented Jonquil Daffodils

These cheery blooms are commonly known as Jonquils and they are some of the toughest Daffodils out there. The flowers cluster together on strong stems in groups of up to 20. They have a delightful fragrance and last well in a vase. Plant them once and enjoy them for many years to come.

Golden Trumpet Daffodils

Gold never looked so good. These traditional daffodils glow in shades of brilliant yellow and never go out of style. They also make excellent cut flowers.

Mixed Daffodils

Daffodils really are the essence of spring. We don’t think spring has sprung until we see a few of these delightful blooms bursting into flower. They offer budget friendly, feel good colour. These bulbs are all ready to flower this season.

Buying mixed daffodils is a fabulous, cost effective way to create stunning, massed planting effects in your garden.

Garden Great Daffodils

These are tough, hardy varieties that are simple to grow. Each of these cultivars has been trialled in our fields and we are confident of their quality.

Daffodils can be planted either in the garden or in pots and can be relied upon to produce reliable spring colour year after year.

Butterfly Daffodils

Frivolous flamboyance! Butterfly Daffodils are elaborate flowers, where the corona or trumpet is split to form a ruffle which makes the flower appear double. For this reason they are also known as Split Corona or Split Crown Daffodils. But we like the more romantic term Butterfly Daffodils and think they look fabulous fluttering in the spring breeze.

Double Daffodils

Twice as nice daffodils with double trumpets, petals or both - these Daffodils have all the trimmings!

Take advantage of the large variety available to create a symphony of colours and textures in your garden. Double daffodils are suitable for garden and container plantings.

Tesselaar Top 6 Scented

Gorgeous jonquil type daffodils with great reliability and beauty. Inclusive of many new varieties, they are all hardy go getters with that trademark sweet perfume.

Miniature Daffodils

These petite blooms may be small in size but they certainly create a big impact in the garden. Tough, hardy and easy to grow these daffodils always attract attention.

Miniature Daffodils are ideal in patio pots or woven into the nooks and crannies of your garden.