Daffodils are one of the quintessential spring bulbs. They are so easy to grow and you will have them surprise you each spring as they pop up without any effort from you. We love them!

Plant as many as space permits because daffodils are great bulbs for lazy gardeners.

Daffodil tip: If after four or five years you notice that your daffodil bulbs are producing lots of foliage but not many flowers, your bulbs may have multiplied and be suffering from overcrowding. This is great news. Simply allow the flowers and foliage to die back naturally over Spring. Then around the end of November/start of December, dig them up, shake of the excess dirt, store them somewhere cool (low to mid 20c is fine) and airy over Summer, then replant them around Mother’s day.

Tesselaar Top 8

Daffodil breeders are always working hard to make small improvements and different variations in flowers. We, as gardeners have a lot to thank them for because they provide us with an almost endless variety to enjoy.

  • Daffodil Precocious

    Triumphant blooms.

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    Daffodil Glen Clova

    The holy grail of daffodils!

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  • Tesselaar Top 8 Daffodils Collection

    Spring highlights.

  • Daffodil Woodland Star

    A super star.

  • Daffodil Neon


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    Daffodil Soestdijk

    Big and bold.

    SAVE UP TO $20.50
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    Daffodil Sunlover

    Sun loving blooms.

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    Daffodil Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas.

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  • Daffodil Signor

    A cut above.


Scented Jonquil Daffodils

These cheery blooms are commonly known as Jonquils and they are some of the toughest Daffodils out there. The flowers cluster together on strong stems in groups of up to 20. They have a delightful fragrance and last well in a vase. Plant them once and enjoy them for many years to come.

  • Scented Daffodils Yellow Cheerfulness

    Smile inducing.

  • Scented Daffodil Erlicheer

    Early blooming.

  • Mixed Daffodils Scentsational Blend

    A blend of fragrant Jonquils.

  • Scented Daffodils Paperwhite 'Ziva'

    Strong, virus free stock.

  • Scented Daffodils Soleil D'Or

    Grand blooms.

  • Scented Daffodil Bridal Crown

    Crowning glory!

  • Scented Daffodils Collection

    Perfectly perfumed.

  • Scented Daffodil Grand Monarch

    Abundant and easy.

  • Scented Daffodil Golden Dawn

    Fabulous fragrance.


Golden Trumpet Daffodils

Gold never looked so good. These traditional daffodils glow in shades of brilliant yellow and never go out of style. They also make excellent cut flowers.

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    Daffodil King Alfred

    Yellow never looked so good!

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  • Daffodil Greg's Favourite

    Good as gold.

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    Daffodil Golden Lion

    Traditional golden blooms.

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Mixed Daffodils

Daffodils really are the essence of spring. We don’t think spring has sprung until we see a few of these delightful blooms bursting into flower. They offer budget friendly, feel good colour. These bulbs are all ready to flower this season. Buying mixed daffodils is a fabulous, cost effective way to create a stunning mass planting effects in your garden.

  • Mixed Daffodils Trumpet and Cups

    A top blend of traditional daffs. (No fragrance)

  • Mixed Daffodils Scentsational Blend

    A blend of fragrant Jonquils.

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    Mixed Daffodils Tesselaar Choice Blend

    A bit of everything.

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Garden Great Daffodils

These are tough, hardy varieties that are simple to grow. Each of these cultivars has been trialled in our fields and we are confident of their quality. Daffodils can be planted either in the garden or in pots and can be relied upon to produce masses of reliable spring colour year after year. There is no real trick to them, simply plant, water in, fertilise and wait!

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    Snowflake Gravetye Giant

    The biggest and best around.

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  • Mixed Daffodils Trumpet and Cups

    A top blend of traditional daffs. (No fragrance)

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    Mixed Daffodils Tesselaar Choice Blend

    A bit of everything.

    SAVE UP TO $53.00
  • Daffodil Accent

    Accent on style.

  • Daffodil Rosslare

    A much loved Daffodil.

  • Daffodil Ice Follies

    Cool customers.

  • Garden Daffodils Collection

    Simple and sweet.

  • Daffodil Red Rocket

    Blast off this spring.

  • Daffodil Changing Colours

    Gorgeous chameleon blooms.

  • Daffodil Ptolemy

    A flower for the stars.

  • Daffodil Victorious

    Victorious in pots or gardens.


Butterfly Daffodils

Frivolous flamboyance! Butterfly Daffodils are elaborate flowers, where the corona or trumpet is split to form a ruffle which makes the flower appear double. For this reason they are also known as Split Corona or Split Crown Daffodils. But we like the more romantic term Butterfly Daffodils and think they look fabulous fluttering in the spring breeze.

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    Daffodil Congress

    All a flutter!

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    Daffodil Chanterelle

    A big, smiling bloom!

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    Daffodil Gabrielle Kleiberg

    Strong and long lasting.

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    Daffodil Love Call

    The look of love.

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    Daffodil Parisienne

    Je t'aime!

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  • Butterfly Daffodils Collection

    Spring fanfare.


Double Daffodils

Twice as nice daffodils with double trumpets, petals or both - these Daffodils have all the trimmings! Take advantage of the large variety available to create a symphony of colours and textures in your garden. Double daffodils are suitable for garden and container plantings.

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    Double Daffodil Replete

    One of the best.

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  • Double Daffodil Queen's Day

    A beauty queen.

  • Double Daffodil Ice King

    Royal ruffles.

  • Double Daffodil Flower Parade

    An eye for detail.

  • Double Daffodils Collection

    Double the delight.

  • Double Daffodil Safina

    New in 2019.

  • Double Daffodil Full House

    Style in spades!

  • Double Daffodil Tahiti

    A classic.

  • Double Daffodil Double Fashion

    Always on trend.


Pheasant Eye Daffodils

It is easy to fall in love with these flowers, they ooze charm! The swept back petals expose the small, dainty cups with a regal elegance that is hard to surpass. The fragrance too is refined and memorable.

  • Pheasant Eye Daffodil Poetry in Motion

    Breathtaking beauty.

  • Pheasant Eye Daffodil Actaea

    Magnificent blooms.

  • Pheasant Eye Daffodils Collection

    Rare and fragrant beauties.

  • Pheasant Eye Daffodil Sea Green

    A show stopper!


Miniature Daffodils

These petite blooms may be small in size but they certainly create a big impact in the garden. Tough, hardy and easy to grow these daffodils add garden fun and always attract attention. Miniature Daffodils are ideal in patio pots or woven into the nooks and crannies of your garden.

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    Miniature Daffodil Tete a Tete

    One of the best.

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  • Miniature Daffodil Tete Boucle

    Sheer brilliance.

  • Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Golden Dragon

    Cherished flowers.

  • Miniature Daffodil Spring Sunshine

    Little rippers.

  • Miniature Daffodils Collection

    Big on style.

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    Miniature Daffodil Jetfire

    You'll be blown away.

    SAVE UP TO $35.00
  • Miniature Daffodil Bittern

    A little beauty.