African Daisy

Robust, well branched cultivars, these African Daisies will grow to form handsome, rounded sub shrubs adorned with flowers from spring to autumn. Their compact habit lends well in pots and sunny borders, providing a nice pop of reliable, easy colour where you need it. They are dry tolerant, long blooming and so simple to care for.

Unlike the old fashioned varieties, these modern African Daisies stay open night and day. They also have a better shade tolerance, excellent branching and all round vigour.

  • African Daisy Zion 'Purple Sun'

    Neon petals.

  • African Daisy Serenity 'Coral Magic'

    How's the serenity?

  • African Daisies Collection

    Tough and free flowering.

  • African Daisy Margarita 'White Spoon'

    Blooms in abundance.

  • African Daisy Margarita 'Purple Spoon'

    Big bang for your buck.

  • African Daisy Margarita 'Blue Sunrise'

    Chameleon petals.

  • African Daisy Margarita 'Pink Flare'

    Plenty of flare.


Marguerite Daisy

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy 'Double Deep Rose'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy 'Large White'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisy Sassy 'Large Pink'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy Collection

    Naturally sensational.

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy 'Red'

    Perfect for patios.

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy 'Pink'

    Little beauties.

  • Marguerite Daisies Sassy 'Rose'

    Sweet and sassy.