Gerberas are large, colourful flowers for sunny positions. These Gerberas have been bred for cut flowers, so the impressive blooms are beautifully formed.

Gerberas grow well in the garden in a sunny spot in well drained soils. Water to establish then only if rainfall is low. Plant remembering they are frost tender.

Gerberas are also excellent pot plants. They should be planted into a well draining pot and you need to use a good quality potting mix. Water, then wait until the soil is almost dry before watering again. When in flower, you can bring the pot indoors to enjoy.

Gerberas make excellent cut flowers. Wait a few days or so for the flower to develop, and then pick them, they will actually last longer. Cut the flowers back to the base of the stem. If you don't cut blooms for display, you should dead head spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

Add a liquid fertiliser monthly during growth to encourage more blooms.