Hippeastrums are extroverts, enjoying the limelight and always receiving compliments for their showy display. Fantastic in pots or planted in the front of the garden where they can be admired and enjoyed. The big, bright trumpet flowers will brighten home and garden. You could plant the bulbs in pots and show them off near the barbecue on the patio or as a centre piece at your next outdoor dinner party - a mobile beauty for summer pleasure. These hardy varieties will flower with little effort producing 1 or 2 stems with up to 4 trumpets each.

Sonatini Hippeastrums

I’m not sure we can sing the praises of Sonatini Hippeastrums highly enough! They are one of the great bulbs that you can just plant and forget, similar to Nerines and Belladonna Lilies. Sonatini Hippeastrums will grow in cool climates with ease – there is no need to lift them every year, in fact, once planted you will have decades of reliable blooms.

Traditional Hippeastrums

Hippeastrums have been loved by generations for their bright, tropical flowers. They look good in gardens or pots and don’t need a lot of looking after.

Double Hippeastrums

Double Hippeastrum are extroverts; their large, eye catching flowers that open on tall, straight stems. The trumpet blooms last well in the garden and also cut for indoor displays. Four to six flowers will open on each stem. Double Hippeastrums are tropical treats for gardens or pots.