If you grow Hyacinths for their fragrance alone and you will be a happy gardener ... and oh what colours ... it would be a shame not to plant a few!

Their compact form means they are ideal for potting and they can be easily used in landscaping. Hyacinths are also excellent for picking, in vases their perfume will fill your home.

Double Hyacinth

  • Double Hyacinth 'Spring Beauty'

    Double or nothing.

  • Double Hyacinth 'Red Diamond'

    Twice as nice.


Heirloom Hyacinths

Hyacinths are seriously perfume powered. In combination with their bold colouring they are one of natures greatest show offs!

  • Hyacinths Mixed

    How sweet they are.

  • Hyacinth 'Blue Star'

    A super star.

  • Hyacinth 'China Pink'

    Brilliant bulbs.

  • Hyacinth 'Apricot Passion'

    Passionate about perfume.

  • Hyacinth 'Yellowstone'

    A rarity.

  • Hyacinth 'Aiolos'

    Hello spring!

  • Hyacinth 'Woodstock'

    One of our most popular.

  • Heirloom Hyacinths Collection

    Scent from heaven!

  • Hyacinth 'Pink Surprise'

    Perfectly pink.

  • Hyacinth 'Aqua'

    Azure blue.

  • Hyacinth 'Purple Star'

    A garden star.

  • Hyacinth 'Jan Bos'

    The reddest of them all.


Potting Hyaciths

You would be potty to miss these! Say good bye to the dreary days of winter with the colour and fragrance of Hyacinths. This selection is wonderfully compact with dense florets.

  • Potting Hyacinths Collection

    Portable perfume.

  • Potting Hyacinth 'Blue Pearl'

    A pearler.

  • Potting Hyacinth 'Pallas'

    New in 2022.

  • Potting Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl'

    Say goodbye to winter.


Hyacinth Vase kits

Grow - Growing - Grown. This is a novel way to enjoy your hyacinths at all stages of growth. Children and adults alike are intrigued by watching bulbs growing in water. This special purchase includes instructions, the vase and a bulb. Don't forget to choose your hyacinth colour, pick from pink, blue and white, when ordering.

  • Hyacinth Vase bulb - Blue

    Blue replacement bulb.

  • Hyacinth Vase bulb - Pink

    Pink replacement bulb.

  • Hyacinth Vase

    A sight to behold. (Includes Bulb)

  • Hyacinth Vase bulb - White

    White replacement bulb.