Daffodils for Pots

There is a terrific gamut of daffodils to enjoy in pots, from the compact miniatures to the stately standards. They are an easy choice and their extensive range of flowering times allows you to have them blooming from August all the way through to October.

You can enjoy more than one variety per pot too, by layering your bulbs you can enjoy a lasting and varied show. When potting them like this it is best to do it in stages (just like a potted lasagne), putting the tallest, and latest flowering varieties towards the bottom of the pot. Here is how to layer your bulbs in pots . The lower bulbs will easily grow up through the upper plantings. You can even add some winter flowering annuals (e.g. Violas and Pansies) to the top of the soil to add interest (and to remind you to water) while you are waiting for the bulbs to come through. An example you might try is Poetry in Motion at the bottom for October blooms, then Grand Monarch for some early colour (Aug/Sep) and sweet fragrance.