Hyacinths for Pots

Hyacinths are well suited to pots and their early blooms are a great way to break winters spell. The gorgeous blooms bring both colour and fragrance wherever they are grown. Potting them nice and close will help them stand tall and create a generous and memorable show. They are quite compact so look best in low, squat pots - don’t forget to ensure they have drainage holes (because they don’t like wet feet).

Our top tip for Hyacinths in pots is to leave them in a shady spot until the leaves begin to grow, then gradually bring them into the sun, this will encourage strong root growth and enable them to stretch slowly and luxuriantly once the flowers start to form. Once they are up and blooming, Hyacinths in pots are easily transported to where they can be best enjoyed, you can even bring them inside where their perfume will fill your home.

Here are our Top Ten Tips on How to Plant your Spring Bulbs in Pots