Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) has deliciously fragrant bells it's no wonder it has graced the gardens of so many generations - Tesselaar have been growing and supplying Lily of the Valley for over 50 years - buy your Lily of the Valley here.

Lily of the Valley flower in Spring, and are available online from late May until the end of June - this is also the best time for planting your Lily of the Valley. Ideally plant them into a moist, moderately rich soil. Add lots of leaf mould.

Your Lily of the Valley will like to be planted any where from deep shade to filtered light. In cool climates, full sun is tolerated by established clumps. Plant the 'pips' 2cm below the surface & 5cm apart and water in. Then keep your lily of the valley slightly moist during their active growing season. They will also love a yearly application of well rotted animal manure or compost over winter. In cold areas cut back tops after frost and fertilise. Keep an eye out for Snails and Slugs too.

When your Lily of the Valley flowers, make sure you pick a bunch as their beautifully scented flowers are wonderful for posies and sprays.

Our Lily of the Valley are supplied as Rhizomes (or 'pips')