Peony Roses are something special. From almost nothing, the bushes develop into lovely and vigorous mounds of dark, glossy foliage. And, as spring warms to summer they become covered with huge, blousy blooms. Each flower is a work of art with layer upon layer of petals, and a sweet and alluring perfume.

Peony Roses will last a lifetime. They may take a season to settle in, but once they have put their roots down, though they have staying power, so you will have years to enjoy their stunning show.

  • Peony Roses Collection No1

    Imperial splendour for your garden.

  • Peony Roses Dr Greveaux

    Magenta magnificence.

  • Peony Roses Early Delight

    Totally delightful.

  • Peony Rose Pink Hawaiian Coral


  • Peony Roses Sarah Bernhardt

    One of the best.

  • Peony Roses Duchesse de Nemour

    An award winner.

  • Peony Rose Collection No2

    A breathtaking collection.

  • Peony Rose Heaven Scent

    Heavenly fragrance.

  • Peony Rose Felix Crousse

    An oldie and a goodie.

  • Peony Roses Dr Alexander Fleming

    Floral magnificence.

  • Peony Roses Marie Lemoine

    Opulent blooms.

  • Peony Roses Monsieur Jules Elie

    Pure romance.

  • Peony Roses Marguerite Gerard

    Layers of heart shaped petals.