Peonies will last a lifetime. Each flower is a masterpiece, with layer upon layer of petals, and a sweet and alluring perfume.

Peonies are something special. From almost nothing, the bushes develop into lovely and vigorous mounds of dark, glossy foliage in the springtime. As the weather warms they become covered with huge, blousy blooms that are fantastic for picking.

Coral Peony Roses

Coral Peonies are on trend. These are the colours modern breeders are aiming for, moving away from the traditional rose pinks into new orange and pink tones. The results of their breeding are stunning. The petals reflect beautifully in the sun’s rays.

Peony Roses look exotic and temperamental and yet they are hardy and grow well in cool to temperate Australian gardens. They need a year to settle in and flower at their best but they are long lasting and you will enjoy many years of smile inducing flowers

Herbaceous Peony Roses

Peony Roses are indulgent, intoxicating blooms with the most amazing perfume. From tight, round buds, the petals unfurl to reveal full, flouncy flowers. They are fantastic in the garden and the vase so plant as many as you can!

Peony Roses originate on the limestone soils of Asia, so like some garden lime added to the soil they grow in. This is easy to do – you can dig it through prior to planting, so it is mixed nicely with your existing soil. Or you can add it to your established plants by pouring it around the drip zone and then lightly digging it into the soil. Add water and you are done!

Tree Peonies

Tree Peonies produce voluptuous, highly perfumed flowers. The plants are lovely and lush and will last for many years in the garden. Oh. and don’t forget the flowers are fantastic for picking, established plants will produce enough to satisfy both the gardener and the florist!

Tree Peonies differ from Herbaceous Peonies as they have woody stems that remain year round. As the weather warms, they grow from almost nothing into large shrubs. They are a great feat of nature.