Begonia Bright Eyes

Begonia Bright Eyes

Gorgeous foliage.

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Bright green leaves with a rich maroon tapestry. Each leaf has a different and appealing pattern.
A gorgeous foliage plant that is well suited to a terrarium or as a decorative houseplant. It is descendant from Begonias that grow on the tropical forests floors of Mexico.
B. bowerae are commonly called Eyelash Begonias. They are quick to establish and look good year round. If they become leggy, you can easily pinch their tips to create a lush, bushy plant.
Indoors grow in a brightly lit position for the best foliage colour, but out of direct afternoon sun. Choose a pot with good drainage. Water the soil well, then allow the soil to almost dry out before watering again. They appreciate some humidity, this could be provided for if they grew in a terrarium. Indoors you could use a pebble and water tray beneath your pot, or provide a micro climate by surrounding it with other plants. If you grow a lot of indoor you could use a humidifier. Or growing your Begonia in naturally steamy bathroom. Add a diluted liquid fertiliser monthly in spring and summer for optimal growth. Suitable for pots or hanging baskets. Remove spent flowers and foliage to promote a happy, healthy and tidy plant.
If you live in a frost free area you could grow this little beauty outdoors in a sheltered, filtered light position as a handsome feature or rock garden plant. They will grow bigger in the ground than in a pot or terrarium.

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Begonia bowerae








Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

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Filtered Light

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