No matter where you grow these Begonias, in sun or shade, they will give an amazing show. A great choice for patio pots, hanging baskets, edging plants or even indoors. The flowers bloom and bloom and the leaves are pretty as a picture.

Ruffled Tuberous Begonia

Roseform Tuberous Begonias

Other Begonias

Tuberous Begonai Amerihybrids

Sun Dancer Trailing Begonia

Amerihybrid Tuberous Begonias

Trailing Sun Dancer Tuberous Begonias

Amerihybrid Picotee Tuberous Begonias

The two tone petals are a sight to behold. Each bloom grows 10-20cm (bigger with disbudding). Gorgeous, mounding plants that can bloom prolifically.

Amerihybrid Ruffled Tuberous Begonias

The colourful, semi to fully double, pleated flowers can continue into autumn. They are highly consistent and the result of over a century of breeding.

Amerihybrid Roseform Tuberous Begonias

From summer you can expect a parade of flamboyant flowers and they can march right into autumn. The upright foliage is lovely and textured with softer green veining.