Hoya Indian Rope

Hoya Indian Rope

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The glossy, green, twisted leaves are decorative year round. Their unusual form is beautifully textured. You can trail the rope like tendrils upward and outward, or let them fall as they might. As the plants mature they will bear soft pink umbels of star shaped flowers with a sweet, chocolate like perfume. The fragrance isn't in your face but certainly enjoyable.
Hoya compacta is commonly known as Indian Rope or Hindu Rope Plant, Krinkle Kurl, Porcelain Flower and Wax Plant.
Hoyas are ideal indoor pot or patio plants. The foliage will need a support to climb up, or you could choose a hanging basket and let the leafy stems fall freely. Hoyas are low maintenance and require no pruning. They grow best in a brightly light position such as by a sunny window, or on the patio.

They may take a year or two to really flower well, and they are at their best when they are pot bound. It is best to avoid touching the new stems as they are sensitive and it may delay flowering.

I SEE THE LIGHT: Bright, indirect light is ideal. You should be able to read during the day in their position in the room without turning on a light. Keep out of the hot afternoon sun lest their leaves be sunburned or roots damaged.

I NEED A DRINK: Water deeply, then allow the top 3cm of the soil to dry out between waterings. You are more likely to kill them with kindness, they will quickly rot if left to sit in water so you are better to under than over do it. They don’t need much water at all over the winter.

This Hoya likes humidity and will thrive with it, but will do just fine without it. If your leaf tips turn brown add a pebble dish filled with water below, move them to the bathroom or give them a spritz.

I WILL SURVIVE: These plants are so easy, they pretty much look after themselves. In pots ensure you choose good quality orchid mix, for best results as it offers the sharp drainage they need. Choose a pot with decent drainage holes to ensure they don’t end up sitting in water.

Use a diluted, liquid fertiliser in spring and summer to keep them happy and healthy. Using a fertiliser high in Potash is ideal, you can spray some on the leaves to promote flowering. Don’t cut the tendrils, both the leaves and the flowers will grow from these. In fact, the flower will usually grow at the same spot as the previous year’s bloom.

They are happiest pot bound, you will only need to upgrade them after three or four years as their mix degrades. When they are moved they are unlikely to flower for a year as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Regularly cleaning of the leaves will keep them looking and feeling good.

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Botantical name

Hoya compacta






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Filtered Light

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7.5 cm

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