Why settle for day to day plants when you can grow something no one else is growing. These hard to find, new or forgotten plants provide that something special to treasure and care for forever. Not always as tricky as they seem, and often worth the effort if they are.

Living Stones

Stone plants are fantastic conversation pieces. They are super easy to care for - all they need is well drained soil and the very occasional water - and they will look good year round.

  • Split Rock 'Royal Flush'

    Absolutely collectible.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Lithops Mixed Living Stone Hybrids

    Grow your own stones!

  • Split Rock Split Rock



Other Collectibles

Dare to be different and grow something extra – ordinary. We have limited numbers of these rarities so get them while you can!

  • Monkey Tail Cactus

    Dare to be different.

  • Aeonium 'Mardi Gras'

    A celebration of colour.

  • Crassula 'Ivory Pagoda'

    One for the collectors.

  • Albuca 'Frizzle Sizzle'

    A fascinating conversation piece.

  • Crassula Buddha's Temple

    Stunning form.

  • Echeveria 'Pinky Trumpet Blue Form'

    New in 2022.

  • Adromischus 'Red'

    Walk on the wild side.

  • Sale-badge Half-price-badge

    Buddleja 'High Five Purple'

    Give me five!

    SAVE UP TO $24.75
  • Brain Cactus

    Very collectible.

  • The Fat Plant Fockea

    A rare talking point.

  • Crested Cactus 'Ming Thing'

    Intriguing foliage.

  • Kalanchoe 'Tarantula'

    Daring foliage and bright blooms.

  • Sale-badge

    Tiger's Jaw

    A plant with bite!

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Echinopsis 'Jolly Blossom'

    A jolly good fellow.

  • 20cm Sansevieria Twisted

    A great Christmas gift.

  • Gymnocalycium Variegata

    A rare treat.

  • Gymnocalycium

    Easy care, gorgeous form.

  • 30cm Sansevieria Twisted

    An easy peasy house plant.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • Sinningia Brazilian Edelweiss

    A great talking point.

  • Sinningia Caudex Plant

    Something different.

  • Sinningia 'Crushed Velvet'

    Simple and unusual.