Sumo Tiger Lily 'Tiger Babies'

Sumo Tiger Lily 'Tiger Babies'

XL bulbs.

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As the name suggests, Lily 'Tiger Babies' is a smaller version of the much famed Tiger Lilies (L. lancifolium). This makes them the perfect height for the middle of beds where their massed stems will bring lots of lovely colour.

Why Sumo? Sumo Lilies are the biggest and the best Lilium bulbs on offer. Originally produced for the floristry industry, these XL bulbs have grown so big they actually have too many blooms! While this is not good in bunches, it is great in gardens, allowing you a big number of blooms from the get go and are faster to flower.

Each flower of Lily 'Tiger Babies' is soft apricot to peach with plenty of dark spots. The long lasting blooms have a soft fragrance. You can look forward to up to 18 flowers on a stem.

The colourful, spotted petals of Tiger Lilies add an element of playful character to the garden palette. They are easy to grow and care for and bloom abundantly through summer.

Tiger Lilies have stood the test of time, they were hybridised for gardens, not florists, this means they are both easy to grow and packed with flowers (florists need stems that fit in bunches).

Choose a humus rich, moist, well drained soil in a sunny location – half a day of sun is perfect. Liliums appreciate afternoon shade in warmer climates. Water in, and keep moist during active growth. To keep them blooming it is a good idea to add fertiliser and mulch in autumn and summer, as the bulbs are coming and going.

Simply plant your Tiger Lilies in the ground to establish and they will bring you years of joy. You don’t need to lift the bulbs every year, simply divide them as they become overcrowded.

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Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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