Snow Crocus Ard Schenk

Snow white beauties.

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In bud, the base of the tepals (crocus do not have true petals) has a golden glow, then, as the blooms unfurl, this colouring translates to a deep gold spot at the heart of the glowing white flowers.

This one is a Dutch variety, named after, Ard Schenk, a successful Dutch speed skater. It is also a successful bulb, and multiplies well.

Crocus chrysanthus are also known as Snow Crocus or Botanical Crocus. They are much loved for their early colour, heart warming show and ease of care.

Snow Crocus grow best in Cool to Mediterranean climates where they look fantastic in rockeries, beds and pots. Plant the bulbs in a sunny spot with drained soil.

Snow Crocus will tolerate light shade, such as under deciduous trees, especially in more temperate zones, but need sun in winter (the blooms open and close in the light).

Snow Crocus bulbs don’t need to be lifted every year, so you can allow them to naturalise and just dig and divide after four or five years if flowering wanes. It is a good idea to protect the new growth from slugs and snails - this is easier to check for in pots than among gardens or lawn so if the critters are a problem in your garden take measures in late winter.

Fertilise Snow Crocus annually in spring as they bloom. They are suitable for planting in pots.



Botantical name

Crocus chrysanthus






Winter to Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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