Bedding Freesias Collection

Bedding Freesias Collection

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Bedding Freesias are an economical way to fill your garden with colour and fragrance. These Freesias have single flowers. The blooms open on shorter stems making them ideal for mass plantings and positions at the front of beds and borders or along paths.

Freesias are adored by gardeners the world over. They are easy and versatile in pots or grouped plantings in beds and borders.

These hardy South African bulbs enjoy cool winters (when they initiate buds). They begin their seasonal growth with the warm, moist soils of autumn, growing foliage through winter, then blooming in late winter/spring, avoiding the heat, before going into dormancy, when a hot, dry summer is appreciated. They should naturalise Perth to Adelaide, Victoria, Tasmania and along the NSW East coast north to Newcastle. In other areas they may be suitable as annuals.

We recommend planting them somewhere that you can appreciate their delightful fragrance. The blooms can last up to three weeks in a vase and are best picked as the first flower opens. Yellow, blue and white are the longest lasting – but only by a day or two.

From planting, Freesias average 90-120 days to flower – quicker in warmer weather. Freesias are easy to grow bulbs that are vigorous and hardy by nature. They grow best in a sunny spot with protection from the hot afternoon sun in a well drained soil. If they are not getting enough light they can flop over. They are ideally planted in groups around 3-5cm apart.

Freesia bulbs are best left to naturalise and will only need to be lifted for division every three or four years. In cold climates they may need some protection from hard frosts – you could plant in pots, or morning shade or add a layer of straw mulch to protect. They should also be pretty dry in their dormancy, or ensure the soil is well drained.

In pots they need a bit of extra care. Use a good quality potting mix and add a bit of extra potash/tomato fertiliser, liquid is ideal every couple of weeks. Ensure you keep the pots moist, especially once they begin to grow as pots dry out easily and quickly and this may halt the flowering. Also if the pots get too hot, then flowering can stop. The pots should be tall as the plants have a long tap root. Plant them around 3-5cm apart for a nice full show.

If you live in a cold climate, you can plant your Freesias in spring for a late summer to autumn show.

Bedding Freesia Collection, 25 of each variety separately labelled. Includes Red, Yellow, White and Blue.

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