Freesias are suitable for pots, mass plantings, beds and borders. Plant them anywhere and everywhere you can appreciate their delightful fragrance.

Bergunden Freesias

A spring must have! Bergunden Freesias are fragrant, single flowers and come in a stunning colour range. They love a sunny spot and will grow well in a garden or a pot.

  • Bergunden Freesias Mixed

    A blend of colour and perfume.

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    Bergunden Freesia 'Anouk'

    Hard to resist.

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  • Bergunden Freesia 'Morning Sun'

    Magnificent perfume.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Bordeaux'

    Sweet charmers.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Pink Devotion'

    You'll become a devotee!

  • Bergunden Freesias Collection

    Get them all!

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    Bergunden Freesia 'Blue River'

    Stunning AND fragrant.

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    BULK BUY Bergunden Freesias Mixed

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Bedding Freesias

Easy to grow bulbs that produce a fantastic, abundant floral display. Bedding Freesias have shorter stems than most Freesias, this makes them ideal for mass planting – they are also economical. Plant Bedding Freesias in individual colours or mix the bright shades together for a knock out, fragrant show!

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    Bedding Freesias Mixed

    A colourful, fragrant blend.

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    Value Pack - 100 Days of Spring

    100 days of joy.

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  • Bedding Freesia 'White'

    Amazing en masse.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Yellow'

    Golden fragrance.

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    Value Pack - Back to Basics

    Simply plant and enjoy.

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  • Bedding Freesias Collection

    Cheap and cheerful.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Blue'

    Economical perfume.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Red'

    Vibrant colour.

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    Value Pack - Spring Bulbs Bounty

    Experiment with colour and form this spring.

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Fantasia Freesias

Fantasia Freesias are fully double blooms flushed in bright hues. The fabulous flowers begin to bloom in the middle of spring and continue for many weeks. Fantasia Freesias are fabulous water wise bulbs and make amazing cut flowers.

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Honeymoon'

    Perfect harmony.

  • Fantasia Freesias Collection

    Double or nothing!

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Purple Rain'

    Good naturalisers.

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Blue Bayou'

    Perfume power!

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Starlight'

    Magical blooms.

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Algarve'

    Pure romance.


Grandma Freesias

These classic varieties never go out of style and they are the most fragrant of all the Freesia cultivars. They are well suited to Australian conditions and will thrive in a sunny, well drained position in the garden. Can you ever plant enough?!

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    Grandma's Freesia Alba

    Classic beauties.

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  • Grandma's Freesias Mixed

    The most fragrant.