One of the most rewarding spring bulbs to grow, Ranunculus are renown for their bountiful display which is absolute value for money. The flowers are full and romantic and oohhh so wonderful. We just cannot sing their praises enough!

Renaissance Ranunculus

The Biancheri family of San Remo in Italy began growing Anemones and Ranunculus in the 1800's. In what is still a family business, they have remained pioneers in their development and improvement by combining tradition and cutting edge research to create ever more beautiful and lasting flowers. Their blooms are now sold worldwide and are highly sought-after by both the cut flower trade and nursery industry. Each tuber produces at least ten flowers which are fully double from start to end. They are the best you can get.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Pastello'

    New in 2023.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Salmone'


  • Renaissance Ranunculus Mixed

    Floral enchantment.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Marshmallow'

    New in 2023.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Crema'

    The cream of the crop.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Mixed Sfumato

    New in 2023.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Ciclamino'

    Floral abundance.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Malva'

    Marvellous mauve.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Bianco Striato'

    Get the best.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Collection

    Very collectible.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Viola'

    Luxuriant colour.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Collection

    Simply the best.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Striato Giallo'

    Next level Ranunculus.


Picasso Ranunculus

Blooming lovely! Picasso Ranunculus are a popular choice as they have a high percentage of fully double flowers. For only a little money, and a little effort you will receive seemingly endless rewards. From each Picasso Ranunculus tuber you will be able to pick multiple blooms. The flowers are a nice big size, grow on tall stems and will last a week or so in a vase. Sow tubers from Mid March onward for flowers in 10-12 weeks.

  • Picasso Ranunculus Mixed

    Amazing value.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Romantic Blend'

    Romantic shades to delight.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Country Blend'

    Warm colours, hot results.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'White'

    Cottage charm.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Orange'

    Bright and cheerful.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Pink'

    Celebrate spring in style.

  • Picasso Ranunculus Collection

    Absolute value for money.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Burgundy'

    Perfect for picking.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Yellow'

    A goldmine.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Red'

    Red hot blooms for spring.