Using seeds is an economical way to introduce masses of colour in the garden. Be sure to make the appropriate preparations before planting and water well to enjoy abundant success.

Sweet Peas

Who could resist the ambrosial abundance of sweet peas? They are romantic, old fashioned favourites that are hard to get enough of! ‘Sweet Seduction’ Sweet Peas are the best we have ever seen. So fragrant and fabulous.

  • Sweet Peas 'Baby Love'

    How I need you.

  • Sweet Peas 'Amazing Grace'

    How sweet you are.

  • Sweet Peas 'Now or Never'

    Be mine tonight.

  • Sweet Peas 'Blue Heaven'

    My blue heaven.

  • Sweet Peas 'Moon Dance'

    A fantabulous choice.

  • Sweet Peas 'Dream Lover'

    You don't have to dream alone.

  • Sweet Peas 'My Devotion'

    Utter devotion.

  • Sweet Peas 'Unforgettable'

    Unforgettable in every way.

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  • Sweet Peas 'Lovin' Feeling Blend'

    I'd get down on my knees for you


Meadow Seed

Create a magnificent display in your own field, small lawn, pot, verge or even among your existing garden plants with these economical seed mixes. Just 15grams can cover an area 7.5m. There is an exciting range to choose from. .

  • Meadow Seed Meadow Magic

    Simple with rich rewards.

  • Meadow Seed Carpet of Flowers

    A tapestry of blooms.

  • Meadow Seed Field of Dreams

    What dreams are made of.

  • Meadow Seed Summer Daze

    Even a small patch will have you a flutter.

  • Meadow Seed Sugar and Spice

    Get the bees buzzing.

  • Meadow Seed Monet's Meadow

    Forever flowers.