Asiatic Lilies are one of our all time favourite lily bulbs and we offer you a brilliantly colourful range of bulbs to choose from.

The bulbs of Asiatic lilies are as tough as old boots, provide a bounty of colourful blooms for vases, are easier-than-you-can imagine to grow and wonderfully tolerant of searing Australia's hot, hot Summers. But wait! There's more! Asiatic Lilies come in a wide range of brilliant colours from startling red to soft and pretty pink which means they can be used to create eye-popping pockets of colour or gentle waves of soft and pretty cottage colours.

Asiatic Lilies have more advantages in that they are great in pots and the bulbs can be planted anytime between May and October (and even January and February for our 'Twice flowering' Asiatic Lilies range). It's no wonder we are addicted to Asiatic Lilies!