New Dutch Iris

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris make garden styling a breeze. They offer a rainbow of options to effectively couple and accentuate existing colours in your patch.

Bearded Iris, Dwarf

Dwarf Bearded Iris offer awesome compact colour to bridge the gap between spring and summer. These blooms come out to play just as the tulips are finishing up. Their foliage is upright and evergreen, offering a year round show. Dwarf Bearded Iris flower a little earlier than the standard forms and are just as robust.

Dwarf Iris

Dwarf Iris punch well above their weight for colour and impact. Their early season colour signals an end to winter and a colourful spring ahead. The thin foliage is upright and often begins to emerge just as the flowers are fading, ensuring their glory is unencumbered. Plant Dwarf Iris in pots, gardens or rockeries.

Dutch Iris

Exotic, yet hardy garden pizzazz. These tall Dutch Iris provide you with a late spring colour boost as well as adding height and glamour to the garden. Dutch Iris are delightfully hardy bulbs which will easily naturalise to give you years of increasing colour. Dutch Iris are ideal planted at the back of borders and are also great for picking the flowers so you can enjoy them inside.

Dutch Iris are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.Dutch Iris is are the perfect complement to almost any garden style, and easy to weave among existing plantings. You can even grow them in large containers or pots. Their tall stems put on a glorious garden show.

Bearded Iris, Over the Rainbow

Bearded Iris, Big and Bold

Bearded Iris, Laughter Lines

Bearded Iris, Romantic Affair