Grape Hyacinths

Grape Hyacinths or Muscari are great for rockeries, pots, nooks and crannies, along pathways, drifts, grass plantings or at the front of beds. The flowers open late winter to early spring and look brilliant planted with Miniature Daffodils. The grass like foliage emerges late autumn to winter.

Plant your Grape Hyacinths into well drained soil, humus rich is ideal but they will cope in poor soils with good drainage. Water the bulbs in, natural rainfall should take care of the rest, you will only need to water them they dry out during growth. Grape Hyacinth bulbs are best left to naturalise where they will multiply to form nice clumps. Add some general purpose synthetic fertiliser or blood and bone as the flowers are forming and again as they are fading to ensure good growth in the coming year.

They are known as Grape Hyacinths because the florets resemble a bunch of grapes, they also have a very light fragrance which is similar to fresh grapes. They are native to Mediterranean Europe and South Western Asia.

  • Grape Hyacinth Blue

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  • Grape Hyacinth White Magic

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  • Grape Hyacinth Big Smile

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  • Grape Hyacinth Mount Hood

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