Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris are the perfect complement to almost any garden style. They are easy to weave among existing plantings or spectacular en masse. You can even grow them in large containers. Their tall stems put on a glorious garden show.

  • Dutch Iris 'Miss Saigon'

    Alluring colour.

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    Dutch Iris 'Discovery'

    Wonderful cut flowers.

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  • Dutch Iris Mixed

    Plant extras for cutting!

  • Dutch Iris 'Discovery Purple'

    Garden royalty.

  • Dutch Iris 'Golden Beauty'

    Solid gold.

  • Dutch Iris 'Casablanca'


  • Dutch Iris 'Discovery Sky'

    Ethereal beauties.

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    Value Pack - 100 Days of Spring

    100 days of joy.

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  • Dutch Iris Collection

    Statuesque colour.

  • Dutch Iris 'Angel's Wings'

    Angelic petals.

  • Dutch Iris 'Red Ember'

    Modern Iris.

  • Dutch Iris 'Gypsy Beauty'

    Tall and enduring.

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  • Dutch Iris 'Sapphire Beauty'

    Reliable and great for cutting.

  • Dutch Iris 'Montecito'

    All that glitters.

  • Dutch Iris 'Silvery Beauty'

    Hi ho silver!

  • Dutch Iris Collection

    Late season splendour.

  • Dutch Iris 'Dutchy Blue'

    Can you ever have enough blue?

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Bearded Iris, Over the Rainbow

Bearded Iris are easy care and will bring plenty of colour to your beds. Their late spring show bridges the gap between the spring and summers blooms. The spectacular flowers can be in colour for around a month and even spot flower throughout the year. Bearded Iris make excellent cut flowers.

  • Bearded Iris 'Pink Taffeta'

    A frilling pink.

  • Bearded Iris 'Tangerine Sunset'

    Luminous petals.

  • Bearded Iris 'Mixed'

    A rainbow of hardy colour.

  • Bearded Iris 'Valley of Dreams'

    The stuff of dreams.

  • Bearded Iris 'Tuscan Glow'

    A show with glow.

  • Bearded Iris 'Sweet Talking Woman'

    A femme fatale.

  • Bearded Iris 'Who's The Boss'

    Tall, dark and handsome.

  • Bearded Iris' Pirates A'hoy'

    Billowing golden standards.

  • Bearded Iris 'Pagan Dance'

    A prince among blooms.

  • Bearded Iris 'Just Witchery'

    This one is magical.

  • Bearded Iris 'Wonders Never Cease'

    A true wonder.

  • Bearded Iris 'Volcanic Glow'

    A smouldering choice.

  • Bearded Iris 'Woven Sunlight'

    Here comes the sun.


Bearded Iris, Big and Bold

Stylish blooms in bold colours. These tough rhizomes are low maintenance and bring plenty of colour to your beds. Bearded Iris like a free draining soil and an annual application of rose fertiliser to keep them happy.

  • Bearded Iris 'Beverley Sills'

    Sing in spring.

  • Bearded Iris 'Swordsman'

    Midnight shades.

  • Bearded Iris 'Zillionaire'

    Good as gold.

  • Bearded Iris 'Indulgence'

    Awe inspiring.

  • Bearded Iris 'Yaquina Blue'

    A knockout.

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  • Bearded Iris 'Big and Bold' Collection

    Colourful and stylish.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Bearded Iris, Laughter Lines

This combination of colour will bring a smile to your face. Bearded Iris are easy to care for and will thrive in an open, sunny position. They require good drainage and the occasional addition of fertiliser.

  • Bearded Iris 'Panama Hatte'

    Award winning.

  • Bearded Iris 'Lipstick Lies'

    Plenty of flowers.

  • Bearded Iris 'Ring Around Rosie'

    Award winning.

  • Bearded Iris Queen Calico

    A regal choice.

  • Bearded Iris 'Laughter Lines' Collection

    All smiles!

  • Bearded Iris 'Gypsy Woman'

    Lemon and lace.


Bearded Iris, Romantic Affair

Blousy flowers in romantic shades. The easy to grow rhizomes of Bearded Iris thrive in any well drained soil in a sunny position. The sword like foliage opens in a gorgeous fan shape and remains a feature year round.

  • Bearded Iris 'Amiable'

    Very amiable indeed.

  • Bearded Iris 'Let's Be Brazen'

    Be bold.

  • Bearded Iris 'Elvis Presley'

    Get ready to rock'n'roll.

  • Bearded Iris 'Astrobubbles'

    A late season star.

  • Bearded Iris 'Romantic Affair' Collection

    Easy to fall in love with.

  • Bearded Iris 'Decadence'

    Floral decadence.