Dutch Iris

Exotic, yet hardy garden pizzazz. These tall Dutch Iris provide you with a late spring colour boost as well as adding height and glamour to the garden. Dutch Iris are delightfully hardy bulbs which will easily naturalise to give you years of increasing colour. Dutch Iris are ideal planted at the back of borders and are also great for picking the flowers so you can enjoy them inside.

Dutch Iris are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.Dutch Iris is are the perfect complement to almost any garden style, and easy to weave among existing plantings. You can even grow them in large containers or pots. Their tall stems put on a glorious garden show.

  • Dutch Iris Red Ember

    New breeding.

  • Dutch Iris Discovery Purple

    Garden royalty.

  • Dutch Iris Mixed

    Plant extras for cutting!

  • Dutch Iris Discovery Sky

    Ethereal beauties.

  • Dutch Iris Casablanca

    Timeless white blooms.

  • Dutch Iris Discovery

    Royal blue majesty.

  • Dutch Iris Golden Beauty

    Solid gold garden impact.

  • Dutch Iris Lilac Beauty

    Simple and sweet.

  • Dutch Iris Collection

    A collection of glamour.

  • Dutch Iris Angel's Wings

    Angelic petals.

  • Dutch Iris Dutchy Blue

    Can you ever have enough blue?


Bearded Iris, Over the Rainbow

  • Bearded Iris Pink Taffeta

    Pink and frilly.

  • Bearded Iris Calming Influence

    New in 2021.

  • Bearded Iris Copatonic

    Make a statement!

  • Bearded Iris Elvis Presley

    Get ready to rock'n'roll.

  • Bearded Iris Mixed

    A rainbow of hardy colour.

  • Bearded Iris Poetess

    Poetry in motion.

  • Bearded Iris Peacetime

    Lovely in lavender.

  • Bearded Iris Mastery

    Masterful colour.

  • Bearded Iris Tuscan Glow

    New in 2021.

  • Bearded Iris Romantic Evening

    Rich, seductive shades.

  • Bearded Iris Who's Your Daddy

    Strong standing blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Champagne Moments

    Sparkling blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Tuscan Villa

    Sunshine petals.

  • Bearded Iris Uncharted Waters

    Brilliant blue blooms.


Bearded Iris, Big and Bold

  • Bearded Iris Jamaican Me Crazy

    Handsome blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Black As

    Back in black.

  • Bearded Iris Enjoy The Party

    Celebrate in spring.

  • Bearded Iris Noble Port

    A stunner with iridescent petals.

  • Bearded Iris Gypsy Woman

    Lemon and lace.


Bearded Iris, Laughter Lines

  • Bearded Iris Glamour Pants

    Big and glamorous.

  • Bearded Iris Big and Bold Collection

    Colourful and stylish.

  • Bearded Iris Gypsy Geena

    Dazzling blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Laughter Lines Collection

    Smile through spring.

  • Bearded Iris Reckless in Denim

    Sensational colour.

  • Bearded Iris French Gown

    The belle of the ball.

  • Bearded Iris Fancy a Flutter

    A fanciful flower.


Bearded Iris, Romantic Affair

  • Bearded Iris Palace Symphony

    A spring symphony.

  • Bearded Iris Romantic Affair Collection

    Blooms to fall in love with.

  • Bearded Iris Pure Romance

    Stirring blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Be My Girl

    Simply irresistible.

  • Bearded Iris Louisa's Song

    Ruffles and lace galore.

  • Bearded Iris Silk Romance

    Silken flowers.