Tulips for Pots

Tulips look fabulous in pots, using their impressive colour selections and forms you can create some fabulous, memorable displays. We have listed below our top tulips for the job, they are vigorous and reliable with compact foliage. Once you choose your favourites, all you will need to do is choose a good sized pot with decent drainage holes, add some good quality potting mix, then water - easy!

Some of our top tips for planting tulips in pots is to plant the flat side of the bulb towards the edge of the pot (this is where the first leaf will grow from and so soften the edge), plant them closely for a generous, full display and to pop some winter flowering annuals on top to give your pot some immediate fanfare, with the added bonus in that they will remind you to water! Examples include Viola, Pansies, Polyanthus or foliage plants such as Dusty Miller will work too, the bulbs will easily grow through when it is their time to shine.

Here are our Top Ten Tips on How to Plant your Spring Bulbs in Pots and don’t forget, all our bulbs come with easy to follow growing instructions.