One of the hardest things about spring bulbs is choosing your favourites! By adding to your collection each year you will narrow it down and create lots of joy and memories along the way.

  • Sparaxis Mixed

    Incredibly easy colour.

  • Grape Hyacinth Blue

    Amazing early colour.

  • Peacock Iris

    Intricate colouring.

  • Allium Drumsticks

    Popular late season blooms.

  • Ixia Mixed

    Versatile and resilient.

  • Bluebells Blue

    Striking blue for sun or shade.

  • Glory of the Sun Purpurea

    Glorious sun lovers.

  • Black Pearl Lily

    Late season blooms.

  • Queen Fabiola

    Weeks of carefree flowers.

  • Glory of the Sun

    Thrives in the heat.

  • Star of Bethlehem

    Sublime stars.