These plants just keep getting better and better with modern breeding. They flower longer, they flower more abundantly, they are easy care and they are colourful!

We have a couple of different offers – Perennial Petunias and Patchwork Petunias

Patchwork Petunias

Creatively composed, contemporary colour collections of unstoppable Petunias for your pots and baskets. Each pot comes pre-planted with a dynamite colour combination. Pop that into the decorative, 30 40cm container of your choice and the blooms will be spilling and thrilling in no time.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Lovin' It'

    Can't help falling in love.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Subtle Perfection'

    Perfectly poised.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Rosy Kisses'

    Utterly adorable.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Royal Passion'

    Reigning champions!

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Flying the Flag'

    Easy colour.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Firecracker'

    A cracker.

  • Patchwork Petunia 'Seeing Stars'

    Super stars.


SuperCal Petchoas

SuperCal Petchoas are a cross between Petunias and Calibrachoas. The plants combine the best of both worlds, using the garden toughness of Petunias and the flower power and colours of Calibrachoa. SuperCal Petchoas are fabulous in all kinds of weather, and climates and offer terrific value.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Artist Rose'

    Non stop colour.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Lavender Star'

    A super star.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Bordeaux'

    Incredible bloom time.

  • SuperCal Petchoas Collection

    Easy growing.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Sunray Pink'

    A little ray of sunshine.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Premium French Vanilla'

    Unusual and abundant.

  • SuperCal Petchoa 'Premium Caramel Yellow'

    Vigorous and long flowering.