Double Winter Rose

Double Winter Roses have all the hardy attributes of traditional Winter Roses with a little extra flair. The flowers open freely from winter to spring and are sure to impress with their longevity.

Planting Winter Roses in a part shade position, such as underneath deciduous trees is perfect. They get the sun in winter when they are forming their flowers, and are shaded from the hot summer sun. Plus you get to fill those awkward spots beneath trees where grass simply won’t grow.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Golden Years'

    Garden gold.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Dark Prince'

    Petals of midnight.

  • Double Winter Roses Collection

    A worthy collection.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Provocateur'

    Prolific bloomers.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Rumba Rose'

    Ravishing, rose red petals.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Sheila Mary'

    Glamorous in green.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Lemon Tart'

    Citrus shades.

  • Double Winter Roses Collection

    Fabulous in filtered light.

  • Double Winter Rose Strawberry Crush

    New in 2024.

  • Double Winter Rose 'Something's Brewing'

    Dark and stormy petals.

  • Double Winter Rose Ballerina Blend

    New in 2024.


Single Winter Rose

We think it is impossible to get enough of these shady characters. Winter Roses thrive in those hard to fill shaded spots in the garden, they are super low maintenance and they flower in winter – what is not to like?!

Winter Roses make great cut flowers too. You can pick the flowers for a vase display, or float the blooms in a bowl. There is a great colour range to choose from, so what are you waiting for?!

  • Winter Rose Runaround Sue

    Wonderful in winter.

  • Sale-badge

    Winter Rose 'White Perpetual'

    Elegant simplicity.

    SAVE UP TO $12.50
  • Winter Rose 'Irish Luck'

    A stroke of luck.

  • Winter Rose Hercegovinus Red Hybrid

    A rare treat.

  • Sale-badge

    Winter Rose 'Shades of Grey'

    Dark and mysterious.

    SAVE UP TO $12.50
  • Winter Roses Collection

    Lifelong plants.