More bulbs for Pots

One of the most common questions we get asked about spring flowering bulbs is “will they grow in pots”? Well the answer for the many is yes! It is not difficult to use potted spring bulbs to achieve some very beautiful effects. You can even layer a variety bulbs as a kind of ‘lasagne’ and achieve a longer lasting spring show.

Planting your spring bulbs in pots allows you some creative freedom so you can indulge in that elegant pot of your dreams or go quirky and put some spring star flowers in an old boot! There are so many wonderful bulbs and containers to choose from, so why not have some fun! You just need to ensure there is good drainage holes and you use a quality potting mix.

When you are picking your spring bulb pot or container, choose one that is in proportion to your bulb of choice. For example, one or two Tulips in a wheelbarrow sized container won’t be too impressive. A good rule of thumb is to use large, tall containers for large, tall bulbs and small, short containers for small short bulbs. To get the best display from your potted spring bulbs use a dense planting, you want them to almost be ‘cheek to cheek’ when you plant them. Then don’t be afraid to put some winter annuals such as Violas or Pansies on top - these will remind you to water and look good while you wait for the bulbs to emerge (they will find their way through no problem).

Growing your spring bulbs in pots can have advantages, such as being able to be moved around to where they can be best shown off, or somewhere their fragrance is best appreciated. Once the show is over, you can even hide the fading foliage away behind the shed!

Here are our Top Ten Tips on How to Plant your Spring Bulbs in Pots