• Oriental Lilium Special Offer

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    Daffodil King Alfred

    Yellow never looked so good!

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    Lily of the Valley Alba

    Fragrant favourites.

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    Gladioli Mixed

    Fill your summer with surprise.

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  • Clematis 'Taiga'

    New in 2021.

  • Christmas Lily White Dragon

    Sensational performers.

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    Chinese Ground Orchid Pink

    Easy orchids.

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  • New Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Easy Spot'

    New in 2021.

  • Peony Rose 'Sarah Bernhardt'

    One of the best.

  • Trumpet Lily 'Triumphator'

    Triumphant blooms.

  • Digiplexis 'Foxlight Ruby Glow'

    A standout.

  • Hollyhock 'The Watchman'

    Garden legends.

  • African Daisies 'FlowerPower Spider Purple'

    Picture perfect.

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    LA Lilies Mixed

    Tesselaar's choice.

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  • Gladioli 'Zorro'

    Rich, claret flowers.

  • Rhubarb 'Ever Red'

    Ever fabulous.

  • Asparagus 'Mary Washington'

    Delicious and abundant.

  • Double Asiatic Lily 'Red Twin'

    New in 2021.

  • Peony Roses Collection No1

    Imperial splendour.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Gladioli 'Milka'

    New in 2021.

  • Gladioli - Show Stoppers Collection

    Summer show stoppers.

  • Oriental Lilium Bacardi

    Pretty and perfumed.

  • Clematis Viticella Avant-Garde (Evipo033)

    Grow something extraordinary.

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    Daffodil Golden Lion

    Traditional golden blooms.

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  • Peony Rose 'Marie Lemoine'

    Opulent blooms.

  • Gladioli - Dame Edna's Delights Collection

    Delightful colour.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Patricia's Pride'

    Black eyed beauties.

  • New Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Easy Samba'

    New in 2021.

  • Tiger Lily 'Splendens'

    An improved old favourite.

  • Winter Rose 'Provocateur'

    Prolific blooms.

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    Shallots Red

    Colour and flavour for your dishes.

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  • Gladioli 'Piet Mohlen'

    New in 2021.

  • Gladioli Performer

    A top performer.

  • Winter Rose 'Princess Buttercup'

    As you wish.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Black Charm'

    Totally charming.

  • Shallots Potato Onions

    Flavourful and simple.

  • New Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Easy Whisper'

    New in 2021.

  • Peony Rose 'Madame Jos Odier'

    A voluptuous beauty.

  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea 'Pee Wee'

    Great structure plants.

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    Gladioli Princess Margaret Rose

    Hot garden colour.

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  • Strawberry 'Red Gauntlet'

    Delicious fruit from October to May.

  • Shallots Banana Shallots

    Mouth watering.

  • Clematis Viticella 'Blue Angel'

    Silvery blue blooms.

  • Tiger Lilies Mixed

    Old world charm with a twist.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilies Mixed

    Create a masterpiece.

  • Winter Rose 'Blushing Bride'

    Coy beauties.

  • Double Asiatic Lily Must See

    Must see, must grow!

  • Lamium 'Beacon Silver'

    A cheery choice for shade.