• Arum Lily Pink Mist

    Loved by gardeners and florists.

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    Hippeastrum Special Offer Mixed

    Mix it up!

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  • Lifesaver Plant Cuttings Collection

    Beautiful and bizarre.

  • Window Plant 'Obtusa'

    An extraordinary house plant.

  • Daphne Perfume Princess

    The largest flowers for the longest time.

  • Sempervivum Cutting Collection

    A collectors edition with named cultivars.

  • Nerine Aurea

    Autumn gold.

  • White Rain Lily

    Magical flowers.

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    Arum Lily Green Point

    A prolific producer.

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    William's Cactus

    Big, lasting flowers.

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  • Nerine Winter Cheer

    Cheer up your winter days!

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    Coreopsis Highland Blast

    Zingy colour.

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  • Autumn Snowflake

    Free flowering and easy care.

  • Belladonna Lily Pink

    Easy peasy!

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Ballentino

    Flashy flowers.

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  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Swan Lake

    Great value.

  • Gold Autumn Crocus

    Glittering, golden blooms.

  • Echeveria Cutting Collection

    Foliage stars!

    Only 12 remaining
  • Succulent Cutting Collection

    A collection of named varieties.

  • Nepeta Pink Cat

    A cool cat to beat the heat.

    Only 4 remaining
  • Sanguisorba St Philibert

    An easy plant to love.

    Only 1 remaining
  • Haworthia Cutting Collection

    Undemanding and appealing.

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    Coreopsis Highland Bicolour Pink

    A fantastic filler.

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    Fuchsia Charm White White

    Bright blooms.

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