• Renaissance Ranunculus 'Pastello'

    New in 2023.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Salmone'


  • Daffodil 'King Alfred'

    The Midas touch.

  • Sale-badge

    Bergunden Freesias Mixed

    A blend of colour and perfume.

    SAVE UP TO $20.00
  • Allium 'Purple Rain'

    Garden super stars.

  • Allium 'Drumsticks'

    Popular late season blooms.

  • Picasso Ranunculus Mixed

    Amazing value.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Mixed

    Floral enchantment.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Marshmallow'

    New in 2023.

  • Daffodil 'Cum Laude'

    One to treasure.

  • Anemone De Caen Mixed

    Fantastic value for money.

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    Scented Daffodil 'Erlicheer'

    Up early.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Crema'

    The cream of the crop.

  • Grandma's Freesias Mixed

    The most fragrant.

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    Mixed Daffodils Trumpet and Cups

    A blend of traditional daffodils.

    SAVE UP TO $37.00
  • Renaissance Ranunculus Mixed Sfumato

    New in 2023.

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    Sparaxis Mixed

    Easy colour.

    SAVE UP TO $19.00
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    Grandma's Freesia Alba

    Classic beauties.

    SAVE UP TO $19.00
  • Cottage Gladioli 'Blushing Bride'

    Blushing beauties.

  • Daffodil 'Peaches and Cream'

    New in 2023.

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    Ixia Mixed

    Versatile and resilient.

    SAVE UP TO $19.00
  • Bearded Iris 'Midnight Oil'

    The power and the passion.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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    Snowflake 'Gravetye Giant'

    The biggest and best around.

    SAVE UP TO $40.00
  • Bedding Freesias Mixed

    A colourful, fragrant blend.

  • Cottage Gladioli 'Salmoneus'

    Easy and colourful.

  • Dutch Iris 'Discovery Purple'

    Garden royalty.

  • Lycoris 'Aurea'

    Autumn gold.

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Starlight'

    New in 2023.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Cabanna'

    First class tulips.

  • Fantasia Freesia 'Honeymoon'

    Perfect harmony.

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    Grape Hyacinths Blue

    Economical and abundant.

    SAVE UP TO $19.00
  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Romantic Blend'

    Romantic shades to delight.

  • Dutch Iris 'Miss Saigon'

    Alluring colour.

  • Hyacinth Vase bulb - Blue

    Blue replacement bulb.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Ciclamino'

    Floral abundance.

  • Fringed Tulip 'Cacharel'

    A stunning choice.

  • Sweet Peas 'Baby Love'

    How I need you.

  • Bluebells Mixed

    Virtually fool proof.

  • Tulip 'Orange Balloon'

    A fast favourite.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Malva'

    Marvellous mauve.

  • Tulips 'Mega Mix'

    Colour and value.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Super Parrot'

    Super tulips!

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    Hoop Petticoat Daffodil 'Golden Dragon'

    One to cherish.

    SAVE UP TO $21.50
  • Bearded Iris 'Pink Taffeta'

    Pink and frilly.

  • Bluebells Blue

    Good multipliers.

  • Dutch Iris 'Discovery Sky'

    Ethereal beauties.

  • Picasso Ranunculus 'Country Blend'

    Warm colours, hot results.

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    Belladonna Lily 'Pink'

    Oh so easy.

    SAVE UP TO $30.50