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    Lily of the Valley Alba

    Fragrant favourites.

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  • Gladioli Mixed

    Fill your summer with surprise.

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    Oriental Lilium Special Offer

    Summer savings.

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    Rhubarb Ever Red

    Ever fabulous.

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  • Asparagus Mary Washington

    Delicious and abundant.

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    Christmas Lily White Dragon

    Sensational performers.

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  • Christmas Lily Beauty Queen

    Queen of them all.

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  • Shallots Red

    Colour and flavour your dishes.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Alaska

    Layers of snowy petals.

  • Double Oriental Lilium Collection

    Double delights.

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    Red Potato 'Desiree'

    A delicious all rounder.

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  • Gladioli Zorro

    Rich, claret flowers.

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    Oriental Lilies Palazzo

    No fade colour.

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  • Tiger Lilies Splendens

    An improved form of an old favourite.

  • Gladioli Sugar Plum

    New in 2020.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilies Black Charm

    Totally charming.

  • Gladioli Mojito

    New in 2020.

  • Dahlia Gold Nugget

    Go for gold.

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  • Double Oriental Lilium Lotus Wonder

    Remarkable lilies.

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    Oriental Lilium Corcovado

    Fantastic fragrance.

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  • Nemesia Sweet Treats 'Strawberry'

    New in 2020.

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  • Gladioli Mon Amour

    Tricolour splendour.

  • Double Oriental Lilium Lotus Breeze

    A breath of fresh air.

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  • Nemesia Penhow 'Plums and Custard'


    Only 12 remaining
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    Tom Thumb Lily

    An heirloom beauty.

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  • Gladioli - Show Stoppers Collection

    Summer show stoppers.

  • Coreopsis Highland Bicolour Pink

    A fantastic filler.

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  • Clematis Jackmanii Hybrids Andromeda

    A generous bloomer.

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  • Double Oriental Lilium Lotus Queen

    Garden royalty.

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  • Strawberry Adina

    Big and juicy.

  • LA Lilies Honesty

    Clear colour.

  • Gladioli Flevo Eskimo

    New in 2020.

  • Double Oriental Lilies Snowboard

    New in 2020.

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    BULK BUY Lily of the Valley Alba

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  • Double LA Lily Apricot Fudge

    A floral breakthrough.

  • Strawberry Tioga

    Sweet, medium fruits.

  • Double Winter Rose Dark Prince

    Petals of midnight.

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  • LA Lilies Boardwalk

    Blooms of substance.

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    Matisse Asiatic Lilium Cogoleto

    A stand out.

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  • Gladioli Priscilla

    Summer stunners.

  • Rose Mother's Love

    As beautiful and pure as a Mother's Love.

  • LA Lilies Eyeliner

    Eye catching.

  • Rose Addictive Lure

    Alluring perfume and colour.

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  • Gladioli - Dame Edna's Delights Collection

    Delightful colour.

  • Verbascum Rosetta

    Heads above.

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  • Lilium Lady Alice

    Style and grace.

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  • Oriental Lilium Labrador

    Big and beautiful.

  • Verbascum Flush of White

    In demand.

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