• Ranunculus Romantic Blend

    Romantic shades to delight.

  • Peacock Iris

    Intricate colouring.

  • Sale-badge

    Golden Trumpet Daffodil King Alfred

    Traditional blooms.

    SAVE UP TO $36.00
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    Daffodils Mixed Trumpet and Cup Daffodils

    A top blend of traditional daffs. (No fragrance)

    SAVE UP TO $48.00
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    Hyacinths Mixed

    How sweet they are.

    SAVE UP TO $28.50
  • Midikin Ranunculus Mixed

    Dwarf flowers in all colours.

  • Massing Freesias Mixed

    Massive impact guaranteed.

  • Garden Ranunculus Mixed

    Masses of spring colour.

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    Bergunden Freesias Mixed

    A mix of colour and fragrance.

    SAVE UP TO $29.50
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    Dutch Crocus Mixed

    Early blooms to welcome the spring.

    SAVE UP TO $14.00
  • Sparaxis Mixed

    Incredible colour.

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    Tulips Mixed Colours

    All about colour.

    SAVE UP TO $35.00
  • Grandma's Freesias Mixed

    Perfume power.

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    Dutch Iris Mixed

    Plant extras for cutting!

    SAVE UP TO $29.50
  • Picasso Ranunculus Mixed

    Amazing value.

  • Sweet Peas Moon Dance

    A fantabulous bloom.

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    Sparaxis Purple Velvet

    Exquisite deep purple flowers for naturalising.

    SAVE UP TO $16.00
  • Anemone De Caen Mixed

    Amazing value for money.

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    Grape Hyacinth Blue

    Amazing early colour.

    SAVE UP TO $17.00
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    Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Golden Dragon

    Cherished flowers.

    SAVE UP TO $24.50
  • Cottage Gladioli Mixed

    Late season colour.

  • Sweet Peas Blue Heaven

    My blue heaven.

  • Tulip Special Offer

    A blooming great deal for 2017.

  • Grandma's Freesias Alba

    The most fragrant of them all!