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Bulb seasons

Bulbs come in many shapes and size and produce a vast array of flowers. As a general rule, we supply our bulbs when they are dormant as this is generally the best period to be sending bulbs through the mail in Australia.

Spring flowering bulbs

There is nothing that compares to the sheer magic of Spring, the gradual building of colour to an extraordinary intensity and the itch to dig into the garden when the days are warming up and the rain showers growing fewer. The choice of bulbs for spring flowers is enormous, and no matter where you live in Australia there are bulbs for every climate and every position. Every garden, from extra large to extra small, can have a beautiful display of flowering bulbs in Spring.

Spring flowering bulbs can be used in all kinds of different garden situations, both in garden beds as well as in pots and containers. The best way to create an impact in your garden beds is to plant bulbs generously in bold groups, and companion plant larger bulbs with smaller bulbs to create a sea of flowers. Try planting Anemones with Daffodils, Ranunculi with Tulips, Grape Hyacinths with Dutch Iris, Jonquils with Lachenalias…….the combinations are endless!

If you haven’t tried spring flowering bulbs yet, late Summer to early Autumn is the best time to find your bulbs online to get creative and give it a go!