Here we have the latest and greatest products of the season. Many of these are new release products which have not been seen in Australia before. Others are diamond award winners or plants with exceptional qualities we have felt worthy to single out.

The Season’s Highlights have been tried and tested in our gardens and we believe them to be garden worthy. They have real flower power and good disease and pest resistance.

Our Season’s Highlights are in high demand so if there is something that appeals we recommend you get in early so you don’t miss out.

New and Highlights

Season Highlights are our 'Cream of the crop' for the Season - the plants and bulbs that are worth a special mention and that are ready to strut their stuff in your garden. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed selecting them for you.

Diamond Award

The Tesselaar Diamond Award highlights plants of distinction.

All the plants we offer you are garden worthy, but for the prestigious Tesselaar Diamond Award, we select only those plants that stand out from the crowd. The best of the best.

Our criteria is based on their floriferous nature, their hardiness, their disease resistance, their ease of care, or their sparkle of exceptional beauty.

Diamond Award plants are exceptional, because like diamonds, gardens are forever.

  • Midikin Ranunculus Mixed

    Dwarf flowers in all colours.

  • Silver Chimes

    Chime in for spring.

  • Dutch Iris Eye of the Tiger

    It rises up to the challenge of it's rivals!

  • Nerine Aurea

    Autumn gold.

  • Snowflake Gavetye Giant

    The biggest and best around.

  • Siberian Iris Blue Sapphire

    Sensational flowers.

  • Sweet Peas Blue Heaven

    My blue heaven.

  • Midikin Ranunculus Yellow

    Budget busters.

  • Daffodil Poeticus

    A rare treat.

  • Sparaxis Purple Velvet

    Exquisite deep purple flowers for naturalising.

  • Bearded Iris Decadence

    Floral decadence.

  • Sweet Peas Baby Love

    How I need you.

  • Sweet Peas Moon Dance

    A fantabulous bloom.

  • Fringed Tulips Honeymoon

    Fall in love.

  • Bearded Iris Black As

    Back in black.

  • Potting Hyacinths Collection

    Portable perfume.

  • Tulip Cacharel

    A stunning choice.

  • Sweet Peas Amazing Grace

    Grace will lead me home.

  • Daffodil Neon

    New in 2018.

  • Dutch Iris Discovery

    Royal blue majesty.

  • Sweet Peas Now or Never

    Be mine tonight.

  • Scented Daffodils Erlicheer

    Early blooming.

  • The Black Tulip Queen of the Night

    Tall, dark and handsome.

  • Miniature Daffodils Collection

    Big on style.

  • Pink Daffodil Precocious

    Triumphant blooms.

  • Tulip Flaming Flag

    A violet riot.

  • Nerines Fothergilli Major

    Sparkling petals.

  • Sweet Peas My Devotion

    Utter devotion.

  • Garden Daffodils - Tried and Tested Collection

    Easy peasy!

  • Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Golden Dragon

    Cherished flowers.

  • Anemone De Caen White

    Simply beautiful.

  • Fantasia Freesias Honeymoon

    Blushing blooms.

  • Hyacinths Red Diamond

    New in 2018.

  • Bearded Iris Flaming Star

    Glowing petals.

  • Star of Bethlehem

    Sublime stars.

  • Viridiflora Tulip Spring Green

    Fresh for spring.

  • Golden Trumpet Daffodil Golden Lion

    Traditional golden blooms.

  • Anemone De Caen White Bicolour

    Absolutely eye catching.

  • Picasso Ranunculus White

    Up to six weeks of blooms!

  • Fringed Tulip Real Time

    Show stealer.

  • Golden Trumpet Daffodil Greg's Favourite

    Good as gold.

  • Sweet Peas Dream Lover

    You don't have to dream alone.

  • Garden Daffodils Dick Wilden

    Dazzling daffodils.

  • Hyacinths Delft Blue

    Ring in the spring.

  • Bearded Iris Big On Style Collection

    Colourful and stylish.

  • Fringed Tulips Cuban Night

    Dark and dramatic.

  • Bearded Iris Astrobubbles

    A late season star.

  • Bergunden Freesias Anouk

    Hard to resist.

  • Bearded Iris Zillionaire

    Go for gold!

  • Monet Tulips Dordogne

    Peachy keen colour.

  • Anemone De Caen Blue

    Get the blues in spring!

  • Miniature Daffodils Tete a Tete

    Spring song.

  • Bearded Iris Pirates A'hoy

    Billowing gold standards.

  • Tesselaar Top 8 Tulips Collection

    Super stars!

  • Tulip World's Favourite

    Luminous tulips.

  • Scented Daffodils Geranium

    Extremely floriferous.

  • Garden Daffodils Avalon

    Big and beautiful.

  • Scented Daffodils Paperwhite Ziva

    Strong, virus free stock.

  • Miniature Daffodils Spring Sunshine

    Little rippers.

  • Picasso Ranunculus Yellow

    Parade of gold in spring.

  • Double Tulips Carnaval de Nice

    One of the best.

  • Belladonna Lilies Hathor

    Sweetly scented.

  • Bergunden Freesias Sandra

    Fragrant colour.

  • Bearded Iris Elvis Presley

    Get ready to rock 'n' roll!

  • Bearded Iris Let's Be Brazen

    Bold blooms.

  • Bokassa Tulips Verandi

    Orange brilliance.

  • Fantasia Freesias Gabrielle

    Wonderful white.

  • Cottage Gladioli Charm

    Charming flowers.

  • Tulip Paul Scherer

    Black is the new black!

  • Double Daffodils Pink Champagne

    The toast of spring!

  • Scented Daffodils Soleil D'Or

    Grand blooms.

  • Bergunden Freesias Collection

    Get them all!

  • Dutch Iris Shooting Star

    A star!

  • Monet Tulips Collection

    Big, bold and beautiful.

  • Monet Tulips White

    White wonders.

  • Pink Daffodil Vanilla Peach

    A breathtaking daffodil.

  • Monet Tulips Lemon Lace

    Huge lemon flowers with feathered edges.

  • Anemone De Caen Pink

    Bargain blooms!

  • Bearded Iris Gypsy Geena

    Dazzling blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Queen Calico

    Regal petals.

  • Anemone De Caen Collection

    Big on colour, small on price.

  • Double Daffodils Flower Parade

    New in 2018.

  • Garden Daffodils Marjorie

    Spring sensations.

  • Fantasia Freesias Collection

    Double or nothing!

  • Bergunden Freesias Blue Sky

    The sky is the limit!

  • Bergunden Freesias Morning Sun

    Perfumed perfection.

  • Fantasia Freesias Blue Bayou

    Perfume power!

  • Bokassa Tulips Saigon

    Perfectly purple.

  • Tulip Rosalie


  • Monet Tulips Monet Camargue

    Grand blooms.

  • Miniature Daffodil Jetfire

    Firing flowers!

  • Fantasia Freesias Clementine

    Plant extras for picking!

  • Fantasia Freesias Figaro

    Bright and beautiful.

  • Double Tulips Columbus

    New in 2018.

  • Tulip Gerrit van der Valk

    Long blooming.

  • Tesselaar Top 6 Daffodil (reduced) Collection

    The essence of spring.

  • Daffodil Camelot

    Our favourite golden trumpet.

  • Fantasia Freesias Yvonne

    Luscious golden flowers.

  • Bearded Iris Pagan Dance

    Pretty in purple.

  • Tulip Gavota

    Striking colouration.

  • Monet Tulips Gold

    Large, golden goblets.

  • Daffodil Victorious

    Victorious in pots or gardens.

  • Bearded Iris Laughter Lines Collection

    Smile through spring.

  • Bearded Iris Panama Hatte

    Big and beautiful.

  • Fringed Tulip Queensland

    A royal bloom!

  • Lily Tulips Claudia

    Pointed petals.

  • Garden Daffodils Ice Follies

    Cool customers.

  • Miniature Daffodil Minnow

    Short and sweet.

  • Pink Daffodil Accent

    Accent on style.

  • Bergunden Freesias Santorini

    Wonderful warm colouring.

  • Tulip Playgirl

    Playful petals.

  • Tulip Salvo

    A fun colour combination.

  • Fantasia Freesias Purple Rain

    Bright and fragrant.

  • Bearded Iris Beverley Sills

    Sing in spring.

  • Bearded Iris Ring Around Rosie

    Amazing blooms.

  • Double Daffodil Acropolis

    A charmer.

  • Sweet Peas (reduced) Collection

    The sweetest peas.

  • Double Tulips Cartouche

    A delight.

  • Double Tulip Double Price

    Full and fabulous.

  • Fringed Tulips Fabio

    Light my fire!

  • Monet Tulips Party Pink

    Celebrate spring.

  • Anemone De Caen Red

    Weeks of stunning colour.

  • Pink Daffodils Collection

    Think pink.

  • Bearded Iris Pem Caw

    A classic choice.

  • Monet Tulips Scarlet

    Bold colour.

  • Daffodil Glen Clova

    The holy grail of daffodils!

  • Daffodil Sunlover

    Sun loving blooms.

  • Daffodil Red Devon

    Almost red cups.

  • Potting Hyacinths Pink Pearl

    Hello spring!

  • Fringed Tulips Collection

    Totally frilling!

  • Tulip Furand

    A wow factor bloom.

  • Parrot Tulips Bright Parrot

    Vibrant blooms.

  • Daffodil Ptolemy

    A flower for the stars.

  • Daffodil Yellow Salome

    Seductive flowers.

  • Double Daffodils Wintersun

    Sunshine petals.

  • Hyacinth Sweetheart

    Sweet flowers.

  • Double Tulips Monsella

    Flaming flowers.

  • Fringed Tulips Santander

    Fringed and fabulous.

  • Butterfly Daffodils Chanterelle

    A big, smiling bloom!

  • Daffodil Signor

    A cut above.

  • Pink Daffodil Fragrant Rose

    Looks like a daffodil, smells like a rose.

  • Hyacinth Purple Star

    A garden star!

  • Sweet Peas (reduced) Collection

    The sweetest peas.

  • Sweet Peas (reduced) Collection

    The sweetest peas.

  • Tulip Leen van der Mark

    Intense colouring.

  • Monet Tulips Pink

    Think pink.

  • Parrot Tulips Blue Parrot

    Works of art.

  • Bearded Iris Enchanter

    Enchanting blooms.

  • Monet Tulips Sauternes

    Big blooms.

  • Bearded Iris Palm Reader

    A flower of fortune.

  • Fringed Tulips Curly Sue

    Graceful blooms.

  • Fringed Tulips Hamilton

    Fiery flowers.

  • Monet Tulip Carmine

    Be mine, carmine.

  • Pink Daffodils Easter Dawn

    Pretty in pink.

  • Bearded Iris Autumn Circus

    Repeat flowering.

  • Double Tulips Horizon

    A striking double.

  • Sweet Peas Collection

    The sweetest peas.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Sweet Peas Unforgetable

    Unforgettable in every way.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Double Daffodils Full House

    Style in spades!

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Tesselaar Top 6 Daffodil Collection

    The essence of spring.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

All Mixes and Collections

Our `Mixed` are a great and economical way to add lots of colour to your garden. If you don’t mind what colour goes where in your garden then you can save money and enjoy a lovely surprise come flowering season with our mixes. We mix together the range of quality bulbs and plants (quality is not compromised even though the prices are reduced) for you, package them up and send them out to you.

Our `Collections` are for you if you can’t decide which variety is your favourite, or you just want some of everything. A `Collection` included one or more of each variety listed and priced at a reduced rate for you. Each product arrives separately bagged and labelled so you know what you are planting where. This enables you to map out your garden display easily. Our collections offer you great variety and value for your garden.

Gift Vouchers

A Tesselaar Gift Voucher makes the perfect gift as your recipient can choose products from our range of bulbs and plants at a time that suits them. If someone you know loves gardening as much as you, then this is the perfect gift.

We can post the gift card (and current Tesselaar Catalogue) directly to yourself or your recipient. (If you would like us to post the gift card directly to your recipient, please provide the recipients name and address and a brief message for the card in the 'Comments' field on the 'Checkout' page).

Vouchers can be redeemed in any Tesselaar season.

  • Tesselaar Gift Voucher

    Give the gift of gardening.