Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning displays throughout the seasons. There is an almost endless supply of form, and colour to choose from and one for almost every situation.

It is best to plant your perennials in autumn and spring to give them time to settle into the garden before the extremes of summer and winter. Water them in well, and keep the water up to them until they establish. As they settle in, they will become less needy, then you can just relax and enjoy them.


Agastache are a steadfast in our garden. We planted one variety ten years ago and our collection continues to grow. They are just so easy and offer so much reward. Agastache come in a great colour range. The blooms open above the foliage and sway beautifully in even the lightest breeze, creating lovely movement in the garden.


Coreopsis have sunshine blooms that last and last. Their colour range has recently been expanded and the results are spectacular. Tolerant of heat and humidity, they thrive in a sunny spot. In addition to oodles of blooms they have nice, neat, mounds of foliage.


Dalaya Dahlia

In pots or gardens, these bright, bicolour blooms make a great centrepiece. They flower forever, are well branched and have great mildew resistance.


Echinacea bring a long lasting show, even in tough conditions. They combine beautifully with Salvias, ornamental grasses, rudbeckias and more. Their tall stems stun in beds and borders and can be picked for vases. A great choice for late season colour.


Fuchsias are like pretty dancers in fancy skirts that sway in the breeze. The flowers open freely for a long period over the lush green leaves. They are fantastic potted or garden plants. These varieties are some of the best.


Top, ornamental foliage plants to spill and thrill from pots and hanging baskets. Or you could try utilising them as a garden ground cover. Wherever you choose to put them they will look spectacular.

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    Ligularia Panda

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Other perennials

Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning shows throughout the year. The infinite variety of colours, shapes, sizes and texture are what makes a good garden great.


SuperCal Petchoas are a cross between Petunias and Calibrachoas. The plants combine the best of both worlds, using the garden toughness of Petunias and the flower power and colours of Calibrachoa. SuperCal Petchoas are fabulous in all kinds of weather, and climates and offer terrific value.


Devilishly good with big, bright blooms for five months or more. The pants have a mounding, semi trailing habit that is perfect for spilling and thrilling in containers, over retaining walls or in rockeries. They also make great edging plants, ground covers or fillers.